How to download and set Minecraft Maps on PC

Minecraft is a fun game including lots of enchanting primitive Minecraft PE Maps where you can hone your creativity and you are encouraged to customize the selected virtual world around you. It’s exciting to build houses with structures which can be only limited by your mind. Along with the presence of tools, you can generate an endless digital palette as your preference. Not only that, you will have the chance to explore numerous playfields which are posted by members from the Minecraft community without paying a penny.

Especially, you can find a great item about those custom Minecraft Maps PC Download. It can be shared and other people can enjoy your works. Further, there are enough Minecraft Maps Download available for every style of gameplay, from player-versus-player action, parkour, puzzles, survival or something else.

With the following guide, it is very easy to download Minecraft maps.

How To Download And Set Minecraft Maps On PC
How To Download And Set Minecraft Maps On PC

Download and Install Minecraft Maps on a computer

Here is the best tutorial showing you how to install Minecraft Maps on PC.

Positioning a custom playground of Minecraft in Linux, macOS or Windows will relate to extracting the package downloaded into the right folder location and releasing it from within the interface. We will give out an instance in which you will download a puzzle map named Unfair Minecraft from

  • When you have already taken a custom realm, you can start to extract the file’s content by choosing a suitable program for your specific operating system. most of the Minecraft Maps Download will be compressed into a RAR or ZIP file. But, you can open it with the proper OS’s default application.
  • Then, you will copy the extracted folder.
  • Now, you can move to the default place for your Minecraft saves directory. It can be searched in the path below.

Linux: /home//.minecraft/saves/ … macOS: /Users//Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/ … Windows: \Users\\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\ … Windows users can make the hidden files and folders visible beforehand to check the AppData directory.

  • Do not forget to paste the extracted contents into the saves folder!
  • Access Minecraft and select the Play button
  • Strike the Singleplayer button
  • There will be a list of Minecraft Maps PC Download gettable. Decide on whichever you love and press the
  • Play Selected World button.
  • The custom map will load and you can walk after waiting for a while.

Are you ready to download Minecraft Map PC for free? Remember to read every step carefully! Good luck!