Download and Install Minecraft Maps on Android

It is not difficult to download and install Minecraft PE Maps on Android platform if you read all of the following tutorials!

Download and Install Minecraft Maps on Android
Download and Install Minecraft Maps on Android

Almost Minecraft map files for mobile devices are set in the .mcworld format. It is really easy to download Minecraft maps on smartphones or tablets. In the case below, we will carry out installation for Star Wars Theme Park from Remember to get the ES File Explorer app from Google Play Store!

  1. It is necessary to find the location of the custom Minecraft PE Maps Android Download!
  2. Choose the home screen of Android and tap Apps
  3. The list will appear and you can interact with ES File Explorer.
  4. Move to Download folder and the .mcworld file downloaded in Step 1.
  5. Files will be shown. Opt for the file linked to the custom map.
  6. Decide on the Minecraft option when the dialog pops up.
  7. The game will be started and you can play Minecraft PE Maps. Worlds are also seen comprising the already installed map. Check the gameplay by tapping on its name!

A few custom map packages in the RAR or ZIP styles can be accomplished on Android. If you’d like to master how to add maps to Minecraft PE, you can test this tip. Firstly, install the ES File Explorer app. In the present example, we will mention to installing Illogical Minecraft from

  1. Unleash the Minecraft app and Settings
  2. Strike the Profile
  3. From the drop-down menu coming with the File Storage Location option, single out External!
  4. Go back to the Android home screen and access your web browser. The method is similar to what you can implement for Minecraft PE Maps ios Download.
  5. Situate the custom map before you download and install it.
  6. When it is downloaded completely, come back to the Android home screen and tap the Apps button. Do not skip ES File Explorer when the collection of apps becomes visible!
  7. Press the main menu and Download
  8. There are many different downloaded files and you need to hold the compressed one. A green and white checkmark with an icon-driven menu will be displayed. Pick Copy option!
  9. Tap the Menu and Home!
  10. Determined the icon for the device’s storage
  11. There will be numerous folders found withing the path: /storage/emulated/0. Tap Games and the subfolder labeled com.mojang.
  12. Several files and folders for Minecraft PE Maps Android will arrive. Collect the minecraftWorlds folder!
  13. We will have the Paste button and the RAR or ZIP file hiding the custom map in another place. Choose and keep the file so the green and white checkmark can emerge again.
  14. With the More option, you will be able to enter the Extract.
  15. When the dialog box comes to view, you can grab the Current path and OK.
  16. After decompressing, a folder will be revealed with the name of the recently downloaded custom map.
  17. Exit ES File Explorer and launch the Minecraft app one more time
  18. The intro screen will fire the Play button and a list of Worlds

If you expect to learn about Minecraft Maps PC Download, you can search for the best way here.

Hope you enjoyed!