Minecraft About The Game

There are many ways to fly high your imagination and one of the best ways is to play Minecraft games online – the famous survival sandbox video game released by Mojang in 2011. As you know, imagination is something that is very important for all people, especially little kids. In Minecraft unblocked, you will have plenty of chances to use your imagination and let it run wild when trying to create a huge number of buildings to form a big kingdom for yourself. Minecraft has become such a famous sandbox game by Mojang with a wide range of features, like Minecraft skins, Minecraft maps, Minecraft mods, Minecraft editions, and so forth. Let’s dive into it now!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox survival video game developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft game is all about creating and building a brand new world for yourself using a huge number of 3D blocks. However, the game will be not only about arranging blocks like playing Lego, but it will be also about other activities that the participants have to carry out. You will be dropped into a strange blocky world that has ground, water, fire, plants, animals, and even enemies. You need to go search for resources and use them to craft items then make the most use of the crafted items to build constructions or fight against other players. Depending on the Minecraft modes you play, you will have different objectives.

Because you are totally able to do anything you want when in this virtual world, this is going to be an awesome chance for you to be creative. You can easily build towers of stones, pour water into lava, dig secret tunnels under the ground and many other creative things. For the ones that love building, they can totally create massive constructions.

In the Minecraft world, when you embark on adventures for exploring Minecraft maps, you may encounter plenty of marvelous constructions and relics such as Mines, The Forest Temples, and Shrines in the desert. For Hell and End of The World places, you are required to have a miracle and make sure you create a gate so you can reach them.

Create a gate and use your miracle to enter the tough places in Minecraft
Create a gate and use your miracle to enter the tough places in Minecraft

Crafting in Minecraft will adhere to the in-game rules. For example, you can attach the blocks together to form a furnace that will be used for baking food or melting metal ores.

Crafting a furnace in Minecraft using the blocks
Crafting a furnace in Minecraft using the blocks

About Minecraft modes

Survival mode

Survival is the basic mode in Minecraft and it’s played by most of the players. You will be summoned at any places in a wild world and you don’t have anything in your hands. The main objective of this Minecraft survival mode is to survive for as long as possible. You will have to exploit nature, collect resources, such as wood, blocks, and stones, then make the most use of them to craft more advanced items for your survival.

You are provided with two bars that indicate health and hunger. You must do your best to keep these bars full or make sure that they will not return to 0. When your health bar reaches down to 0, you will die. Or when your hunger bar is empty, your health will be decreased very fast. To keep the hunger bar full all the time, make sure you go find some fruit to eat or hunt some animals for meat. The health bar will be cut down when you get damaged by a monster’s attack, or when you get burned by a fire, or fall down from above or get suffocated.

The Minecraft tools are so diverse! You can manually craft them, such as weapons, armor, and other handy items. Weapons like swords will help you fight off monsters and deadly predators. Other tools, like axe, hoe, trophy, and shovel will be used for cutting down trees, mining ores, or digging ground much faster. You can meet some villagers to exchange items. When you meet farmers, you trade wheat or carrots with them, when you meet armor markers, you trade coal and iron, when you meet a priest, you can exchange rotten meat or goal, when you meet a leatherworker, you can exchange a skin through emerald.

You can only carry a limited number of items with you. Wherever you die, the items will be dropped at that place, and you will be revived at the starting point of the game, or if you have a bed, you will be respawned on your bed (provided that you didn’t destroy it or change its place). You earn XP by killing animals or hitting monsters. The higher XP you have, the more weapons and armor you can create, and they will be very powerful with plenty of special effects.

The highest objective of this Minecraft survival mode is to beat Ender Dragon then Wither. After defeating Ender, you can continue playing Minecraft game like normal.

Creative mode

In Minecraft creative mode, there is no limit to the player’s creativity. Players will be provided with all resources and tools in Minecraft. You are totally able to smash a certain block immediately no matter how tough it is. The hunger will not have an effect on flying, losing blood or dying ( you can only die by getting killed or falling “The void” below Bedrock ). This purpose of this mode is to allow you to build your own constructions and let your imagination run wild.

Let your imagination run wild and create an impressive construction in Minecraft creative mode
Let your imagination run wild and create an impressive construction in Minecraft creative mode

Adventure mode

With Minecraft Adventure mode, players can easily experience some available maps. There will be one player creating various maps with some certain rules and other players can join those maps to experience their adventures. The gameplay of Adventure mode is the same as Minecraft Survival mode. However, the capability of exploiting blocks will be limited to make sure the players will comply with the rules created by the map maker.

Explore various places in Minecraft Adventure mode
Explore various places in Minecraft Adventure mode

Hardcore mode

This is a super difficult mode in Minecraft game and it is basically like the Survival mode in terms of gameplay. However, to increase the real experience for players, you only have 1 life, which means when you get destroyed by any impacts, the map will be immediately deleted, and all of your progression will be gone forever.

About Minecraft editions

Minecraft: Java Edition/Computer Edition

Minecraft: Java Edition/Computer Edition was designed for computers that run Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

This is a great Minecraft edition released for various platforms, written in C++. Players can purchase or download DLCs via Minecraft Marketplace. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition includes the following editions:

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • Minecraft: Console Edition
  • Minecraft: VR Edition
  • Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition
  • Minecraft: Fire TV Edition
  • Minecraft: Fire OS Edition
  • Minecraft: Apple TV Edition
  • Minecraft: NintendoDS Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition

This Minecraft edition is for education, which means both teachers and students can enjoy it. Lots of countries have turned this edition into a subject at school. In this edition, the PvP mode was deleted but the game was added with some new items, such as blocks, mobs, and other features in relation to programming, especially Chemistry.

Minecraft: Rasberry Pi Edition

This Minecraft edition developed by Mojang was exclusively designed for Raspberry Pi embedded boards based on an old version of Minecraft. In this edition, players are able to change their world through the command lines, even altering the source code of the game. The edition was officially released on February 11, 2013

Minecraft: Chinese Edition

This is a Minecraft edition designed for China only, released by Mojang AB, NetEase and Microsoft Studio. Currently, it is in the Closed Beta phase.


That’s all for the basic information about the Minecraft game! Hopefully, you now have a better grasp of Minecraft game and its editions. If you are interested in this kind of sandbox building survival game, make sure you get your Minecraft free download or play Minecraft games online to experience it all!